Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter DIY Round-Up

Here is a round-up of all things Easter, as it is quickly approaching. This list contains some cute decorations, fun activities, and delicious eats to celebrate this season of life, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1. Plants in an Eggshell: I saw this and just loved it! How pretty and what a creative idea-- this could be a great centerpiece for your Easter gathering. Click here  or here for the tutorial. These also can symbolize life as new plants sprouting as they rest inside an egg shell.

2. Hot Cross Buns: or aka Good Friday Buns are traditionally eaten hot or toasted on Good Friday for breakfast with a cross standing as a symbol of the Crucifixion. There are tons of different variations to make this bread, but here or here are more traditional recipes, and here is a nutella cinnamon-roll take.

Hot Cross Bun Recipe Food Photography 

3. Natural Easter Egg Dye: made from household ingredients to create beautiful Easter eggs, all-natural. Check out  how here and hereEggs on Easter are a direct representation of Jesus' resurrection and new life. The symbolism also represents that as the bird emerges from its shell, so did Jesus from his tomb. This is a fun activity to do with children and teach them about Jesus at the same time. You could also use the colors to tell His story-- this link lists the Christian symbolism of colors. 


4. Brownies in an Egg Shell: Its a little more work, but such a neat idea! This recipe is initially in Spanish, however if scroll down, it is then translated into English. 

Brownie in eggshell 

5. The Tale of Three Trees: This is a great children's book-- "Once upon a mountaintop, three trees stood and dreamed of what they wanted to become when they grew up. Each of their dreams come true in the most unexpected of ways."

The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale 

6. Peep Brownie S'mores: These looked too delicious to pass up... they may be packed with  a ton of 
sugar, but they sound oh so yummy! Recipe here.


7. Neon Dip- Dyed Eggs: These are so fun and such a modern take on decorating an Easter eggs. Also,  this  page shows a lot of versatility in dying an egg-- have fun! 


8. Pretzels:  Pretzels actually have their roots in Easter and their shape is also a representation of praying hands. Eggs and butter were forbidden to eat during Lent and since many pretzel recipes can be made without eggs and butter, it was a popular eat for this time. Often people would hard-boil leftover eggs to store longer and then finally serve nestled in the holes of a pretzel on Easter morning  for children, which then eventually evolved into an Easter Egg Basket.  Pictorial Recipe for homemade pretzels here.

Soft Pretzels 

9. Eggshell Votives: Love this idea for decor from Martha Stewart, details here.


10. Coconut Cream Marshmallow Eggs: this is a fun sweet treat that tastes similar to a mounds bar, which is one of my favorites! Recipe found here


11. No-Dye Easter Eggs:  This is a cute way to decorate some eggs avoiding dye, as well as so many different ways to spice these eggs up. Check-out the variations and how-to here.

Glitter Polka Dot Eggs 

12. Easter Crispy Treats: These crispy treats have bursts of color from sixlets, peeps, and rainbow sprinkles. Recipe found here.


13. Grocery Bag Easter Basket: Have a ton of brown paper bags in your cupboard? Well, here is a great craft to take-on to display some of those beautiful decorated eggs you made. 

DIY grocery bag Easter basket 

Hope you enjoyed this Easter round-up and are able to attempt some of these yourself. But don't forget the true reason we celebrate during this season, to remember Jesus Christ's victory over death  and the sweet Resurrection that gifts us with eternal life!

John 11:25-26 
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die."

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