Thursday, March 29, 2012

Healthy Ice Cream

This is an easy, but healthy way to get in your ice cream fix for that naughty sweet tooth you have. The main ingredient is simply banana. One might think that when blended frozen it just gets flaky, but it turns into a delicious smooth rich ice cream treat. This recipe here is just the beginning base to the infinite flavors you can dream up, as you can add just about anything to suit your cravings. This banana ice cream trick can also be transformed into a soft serve texture with additional splash of milk* or yogurt.
*use almond milk or soy if vegan

Original Banana Ice Cream Recipe
Banana Ice Cream: serves 1
2 bananas*

Directions: Peel and slice bananas into coins. Freeze for at least 1 hour-- I actually just like to slice and freeze left-over ripe bananas, that way I always have some on hand. Blend bananas in the food processor or blender for a few minutes, however you will need to stop and scrape down the sides a bit and continue until smooth.

*Ripe bananas actually lose some of their banana taste and become a bit sweeter, so if your not fond of the banana flavor, choose a more ripe one. Bananas are actually a great  natural sweetener, so you don't have to add extra sugar unless you want too.

Flavor Ideas:
Berry Blast: 1/2 cup added frozen Berries
Chocolate: 1-2 teaspoons of Cocoa powder (or hot coco mix)
Peanut Butter or Nutella: 1 Tablespoon of nut butter
Vanilla: 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Coconut Cream: Splash of Coconut milk + Shredded Coconut Flakes
Cake Batter: 1 Tablespoon of dry vanilla cake batter mix + 1 teaspoon sprinkles + splash of milk

Cocoa powder + Chocolate Chips

Additional Add-ins/ Toppings:
Walnuts, Pecans
Brown Sugar
Maple Syrup
Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate Chips
Brownie Chunks
Cookie Dough Bites
Chopped Candy Bar
Graham Crackers
Instant Coffee

You can get really creative here, so feel free to use your imagination and create the most decadent and delicious healthy ice cream flavors, as there is hardly any shame in this simple treat--  feel free to share your favorite creations :)

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