Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Guest Post + Inspiration

A friend of mine from our church back at home had asked if I would like to be a guest poster on her blog, Thoughts of a preschool aidesharing any lessons I have learned since being a newly-wed, along with the big move to Mexico. I honestly had to think about it... I was so nervous to share with anyone and everyone about ME. But actually, I have wanted to create my own blog for sometime now for a few reasons such as keeping others updated about our lives here, making new friends, and using it as a tool to inspire and encourage others.  However, after being a guest on her blog, which you can read what I shared, Lessons from a Newly-wed: Husband Worship. And just by taking part in her blog, it got me really excited to finally start my own.  So along with her encouragement as well as some others, the Nava Nest began, which I hope you are enjoying. Be sure to check out her blog (just click on the name mentioned above) as it is full of incredible heartfelt testimonies, informative posts, and a sweet perspective that's always reflecting Jesus.Thanks for stopping by :)

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