Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Story: Part I

My face bright red from the tears of joy!
Where to start? Well first things first... Sam (my boyfriend), asked the BIG question and through tears streaming down my face uttered YES. We had been dating for about a year and a half, and when we started dating we both knew that we were "the one" for one another, but of course we placed the relationship in God's hands. We enjoy one another's company so much, however, are completely opposites, but I think we compliment each other well. For example, he never thought that a quiet spirit and reserved girl would ever go for an outgoing, and spontaneous guy. Yet the Lord knew exactly what we both needed. As neither of us had ever dated before we also had to learning what a relationship looked like (and am still learning as it is a process-- and rather different amiss different stages). But I am truly blessed that we are each other's first and only loves-- for this indeed is gift from God. And then it was off to wedding plans, which I of course had already been saving images for ideas just in case it were to happen soon... 

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