Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Story: Part III

Our next big moment was the day after... our temporary move to Mexico, Baja CA. We packed up the car and off we went, about a 17 hour drive and we finally arrived to our new home. I like to think that my home is wherever my husband is :) Yes I know its a little cheesy, but its true. We see it as a sweet extended honeymoon! 

Funny Story: One of the days driving down Baja, I put my sunglasses on and felt kind of odd, like my vision was off... and I turn to Sam and say, "I think my sunglasses are making me kind of nauseous", and he just starts laughing hysterically. I took the glasses off in confusion and took a look at them, and then couldn't stop myself from laughing too! Silly me, the lens of one side had fell off in my purse and I hadn't noticed when I put them on. Ha ha, so I was looking through half tinted sunglasses-- it was definitely a hilarious moment.

The husband drove the whole way.

My major is Spanish and in order to finish my degree, I need to a study abroad, and so my mission is to become fluent in (its been a little rough, but I am getting there). Thankfully my husband is fluent, so it made for adjusting to a new culture a little easier. I have become much more accustomed to a slower-paced lifestyle and learning many lessons of gratitude. Its a beautiful place to live or visit, take a look for yourself...

And to conclude these series of posts, we are still living the Baja life and soaking up every moment of this peaceful, yet adventurous life. All the while, I am working on learning some wife skills, as well as speaking spanish fluently.


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