Friday, March 30, 2012

Saying Good-bye

This post is a wrap-up to our lovely week with our guests and sadly we have to say goodbye, as my sister leaves today... its always rough, but we are so thankful she was able to make it out! We had such a splendid time just relaxing, eating a little too much, and enjoying each others company. Here are a few pictures to finish off their stay. (Many pictures courtesy of our lovely guest, Ivette!)

This is one of favorite beaches, Balandra, as it is just paradise! The water is so crystal clear, as well as shallow, you can walk all the way across. You are able to rent kayaks and enjoy the scenery atop of the water, as well as snorkel, swimming right there with the exotic fishies. Or of course, soak up the sun and pull out your favorite read.

Sister Love

We had some delicious homemade pizza and sauce, 3 ways: Loaded Veggie Pizza, Hawaiian, and Barbecue Chicken. They turned out delicious, just a little odd shaped is all...

My favorite was the Veggie Pizza :) On other notes: 1) I almost always cook with a towel over my shoulder--I don't know why, just habit. 2) Can you see our green onions? They are getting so big-- we simply can't keep up! And 3) I love jalapenos! and put them on just about everything I can... 

The Malecon (harbor)
We also did some souvenir shopping downtown, where I proudly parallel parked in a real tight spot (w/ the help of my sister) and had some crepes for breakfast (recipe coming soon), movies, walks along the harbor, and sweet fellowship. My husband and I were so blessed to have them, as well as sad that they have to go, we sure will miss them! 

Tostilocos! They are not so healthy,
but oh so good :)

Hope you have an incredible weekend, be sure to spend some precious time with those you love :)

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