Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Guests Arrived!

 I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, as I sure did-- I mean how could you be upset when your're in good company! So, I thought I would share a little peak into our first day as my dear sister, Samie and her good friend, and now ours, Ivette arrived yesterday. (Some of these photos snapped by Ivette) 

Samie and Ivette finally arrived  at the Airport after having a very hectic adventure crossing the border into Tijuana and making sure they made it on time...

This is my twin sis-- can you tell?
Ivette boarding the plane and getting some
practice w/ her Spanish speaking skills.
They made it safe  and it was a smooth short flight!

 Our first stop of course was some grub, so we stopped at one of our favorite eats for authentic Mexican cuisine, El Rincon Chilango.

My fave: Pozole

Quesidilla w/ Cuitlacoche
Chuitlacoche Torta

 Pepper and Mushroom Torta

We then took a mini-tour around the city to show off a few of our favorite spots and finally home to unload  luggage and rest-up. And of course, we later had to hit-up the movie theater... but its not your average movie when you get to sit-back and recline your feet up, not to mention having a waiter to come serve you your favorite treats and even some gourmet meals. Take a look.

They fully recline--it was like being @ home, but 100x better!
Enjoying a movie while trying to figure
out what to many choices.
Can you tell we like stripes? 
We did some more catching-up and sister bonding time, as we are the best of friends! It has been definitely a harder transition to be so far away, but we have learned to improvise-- weekly Skype sessions, vacation visits, and lots of daily phone calls. I am so blessed to have not only a sister, but a twin, in which we get to share our lives together, encourage, and inspire one another, she indeed is a true blessing! So many more adventures to come later this week, so be sure to check back in. Thanks for visiting me and my visitors. Have a blessed week!

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