Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Date to El Triunfo

On a date, my husband and I traveled to a small mining town near us to of course visit its history, however, we had also heard of this restaurant cafe that serves delicious sandwiches on fresh baked bread and brick-oven pizza, so we of course had to check that out too. ;)

El Triunfo was the first mining center of the Baja peninsula as silver had been discovered in the mountains and therefore, birthed the mine, La Cruz del Triunfo. 

By 1751, El Triunfo was in full production and had a title deed, yet this actually caused many conflicts between the miners and the missionaries regarding land ownership. And this temple is an expression of that process. However, after much struggle the mine did not experience true success until another mining company took over, El Progreso. And finally, it became a real urban settlement with a population growth of about 10,000 inhabitants and simultaneously, became one of the largest cities in Southern Baja California. 

 Right away we saw this 35-meter-high smokestack designed by Gustav Eiffel. The rest of the remains of this mine is mostly rubble from the housing and other buildings.

Eventually the mine shut down in 1926 and most of the population had left. A recent census reports a population of only 321 citizens. Walking around we did notice it was very quiet, but we absolutely loved  and enjoyed the beauty, simplicity, and character this town still has. Many foreigners travel through here as it has become a well-known tourist spot.

In the town's thriving moments, it had been a cultural center, where famous pianist, Francisca Mendoza taught and performed. Pianos, as well as other instruments were brought to El Triunfo from all over the world and a piano museum exists to show off those precious pieces.

This is the quaint cafe we ate at, Caffe El Triunfo. We
loved it here as the ambiance was so peaceful and eclectic,
and everything on the menu was mouth-watering. 

They also sold loafs of fresh bread for on-the-go and sweets for a special 
treat, it took all our strength to resist those  pieces of heaven. 

We ordered a Hawaiian pizza (as its the hubby's favorite) and hands down it was the best pizza we both have ever had-- and yes we consumed the entire thing! We just could not stop and why only take one slice home, right... Seriously though we still talk about it, how it had this soft crunch, but fluffy thin crust  and bakes in this authentic brick-oven, only giving off the best and most rich flavor. 

A close up for you :)

Behind the scenes! The chef herself rolling out the dough
and behind is their brick-oven.

And lastly,  I would like to leave you with an encouraging verse:

2 Corinthians 2:14
"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place".

Thanks for stopping by, many blessings!  

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