Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Date: Homemade Sushi + a Hike

I have been wanting to make our own sushi for awhile now, nothing raw (not a big fan), but we go out for our fix quite often-- so we finally attempted to make some and it was pure success.  It was fun, easy, inexpensive, and not to mention the possibilities are endless. This definitely will be a regular treat in the Nava home, we made extra, so guess what's for lunch... more sushi--can't go wrong with that. I encourage you to try it out for yourself :) Yesterday,we also went hiking at spot near the house, so I thought I would share the view with you too. 

These here are the fixings, all you really need to buy besides those is the
nori sheets and the bamboo mat to roll the sushi.

I actually made both white and brown rice, as I prefer brown.

The Husband's sushi: chicken, shrimp, and cheese. He made it all fancy :)

Mine: shrimp, avocado, carrot, spinach, and cucumber + lots of Siracha sauce

God's creation truly is breathtaking!

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