Monday, April 30, 2012

Visit Home to San Diego

Well today I am off, going back home to La Paz-- bitter sweet, as I of course will miss family and friends but miss my husband and can't wait to see his handsome face :) But I had such an enjoyable trip, celebrating my sister, enjoying fellowship with friends, and making new memories with loved ones. Here is a little peek:

Us three sisters at my sister's Bridal Shower

@ Sipz with my sister-in-law

Meeting a first son of some close friends of
mine-- he is too adorable for words!

My most missed place, Yogurt Mill--frozen
yogurt with a delicious granola topping
Playing Jenga with some
good friends!

My suitcase home: packed with foods and misc. items I miss 

So that's just a quick wrap-up of my week, but the highlight as always, was visiting with beloved friends and family-- they are always such a blessing and sweet joy to share life with! Tomorrow's post will feature my sister's shower :) Have a blessed day!

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