Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo @ the Races

Our Cinco de Mayo plans had nothing really even to do with this celebration... as here in Mexico, well, its just not hyped up. 

Although I did make flan-- nothing extravagant, just the boxed stuff...

What did land on May 5th was Dos Mares 500. My husband is a huge fan of the car races, so living in La Paz is a perfect opportunity to witness the many races hosted. Although for me it's all pretty new, but it's so fun to see him so excited :)

The races started Saturday afternoon where my husband went to see them off while I was at work and took about a million photos of each motorcycle, trophy truck buggie, quad, and beetle.


         We then ended the day with some friends with a bonfire, watching the vehicles race to the finish line.

Headed to the races!

 It was a lot of fun-- simply a night of hanging out with friends and chatting away (well... me getting some Spanish practine in...), munching on snacks, and of course watching some cars zoom past us!  

I hope your weekend was pretty great too, don't forget this next Sunday is something special for all those beloved Mom's out there-- tomorrow's post will help bring about your creative side to celebrate her!

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