Monday, May 21, 2012

Our First Anniversary

I wanted to mention that I am sorry about not posting Friday, but we had some complications with our internet, and therefore was without it for a couple days... We are all set now and just in time to share our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY as a married couple. We have enjoyed every moment of this past year and truly what an adventure it has been-- we have been beyond blessed! We had such a lovely relaxing day and want to share a few novice photos of it. 

We started the day with some super fluffy blueberry pancakes made from Betty Crocker's muffin mix, as here in Mexico its hard to find blueberries or at least at a decent price-- but the husband loves them. He bought me a rose, as flowers are scarce also as the hot weather doesn't allow for good growth. But I am one happy wife with just a single beautiful rose, some sweet heart-warming words, and most importantly spending some quality time together. I simply just gave him a long letter expressing my love and renewed commitments of being his spouse, as well as cooking-up some of his favorite eats.

 We then got ready and went to Church to hear God's precious word and fellowship with others, it was a nice service with a guest speaker. As lunch time rolled around, I put together a basic salad and some little buffalo chicken tacos. And of course had to make a dessert... my attempt of Tres Leches Cake wasn't quite perfect (I think it was due to a lack of kitchen tools-- like an electronic mixer, I used a fork to try to whip-up the egg whites...), but it definitely wasn't a bust, as I could hardly stop poking my fork into it. I actually put a twist on this recipe, making it into a Strawberry Shortcake Coconut Tres Leches Cake! It is a very decadent, sweet, creamy, moist and delicious dessert. And the strawberries were a perfect addition to help balance out the overload of sugar and also offered a nice additional texture.

Then we went and saw a movie, as tickets only cost $3 to see here in La Paz! It's such a deal and the theaters are so nice. We went and saw The Lucky One, my husband was so kind enough to watch a chick flick with me :) Although he liked it... we both did (minus some intimate scenes). The theater we went too is actually brand new, as well as the shopping center it's located in, and found it to be very lovely-- lots of great stores, beautiful fountains with statues, seating to lounge in, and lot's of shade. I think we found a new spot to come, walk around, window shop, and well just hangout.

Then to finish our evening we went out to a sweet little Restaurant called La Pazta and got all dolled up-- those nice are always so much fun. Here are a few sneak peaks of the restaurant, our food, and us :) After we enjoyed a nice long walk along the Malecon (harbor) to help digest all the food we consumed. 

Cheese Fondue
Greek Salad

 It was a beautiful day to celebrate an incredible and dearly treasured year and beginning our sweet married life, as well as embark on the many more to come. Check out this Page to see some of  dates and adventures thus far or engagement and wedding ones, here, here, and here :) Hope you all had lovely weekends yourself, blessings!

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