Friday, May 25, 2012

Strawberry Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait

Now that we know how to make our own Greek yogurt, here is a fun way to spice up your normal serving of yogurt, berries, and granola by creating a rather delightful treat, a parfait!-- perfect for serving guests or guilt-free indulgence for yourself. 
I paired this plain Greek yogurt with some fresh strawberries, toasted coconut, puffed amaranth, chia seeds, and some oats (but you could definitely just use some granola) and for sweetener, as well as providing a burst of flavor from some coconut milk.

Strawberry Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait: (serves 1)
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
5 strawberries + 1 for garnish
1 tbs coconut
1 tbs puffed amaranth
1 tbs oats
1 tsp chia seeds
2 tbs coconut milk

Hull the strawberries, place in a blender and chop for a few seconds. Heat a small skillet over medium-low heat and toast coconut until lightly golden, about one minute. Combine amaranth, oats, seeds, and toasted coconut into a small bowl and mix together. Begin layering process. Start with a spoonful of diced strawberries, yogurt, 1 tbs coconut milk, and another spoonful or so of cereal mixture (or granola), and repeat the process 2 more times. Garnish with a sliced strawberry and dig in!

 Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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