Saturday, June 16, 2012

DIY Father's Day Gift Round-up

Well Father's day is on Sunday and I realized I had not done anything to celebrate Fathers day... so this post is dedicated to some fun projects to create for dad, whether it's a gift from a child or the kids are all gown up. Many include food, as we all know that often food is the way to a man's heart-- it makes him happy :) 

1. Bow-tie Wrapping

This is such a cute way to finish the last touch to your dad's gift and you can always use a neck-tie instead and simply wrap around. 

2. Big Breakfast

You can cook up dad a delicious breakfast including all his favorites-- pancakes, bacon, or donuts. Although checkout this recipe, Savory French Toast-- it sounds amazing & what dad would pass this breakfast up.

3. Personalized Mug

You can easily decorate a mug from dad using one already in the cupboard or even find one at the Dollar Tree/99 cent store. Have the kids draw a picture, or write a loving message, or simply personalize it, the possibilities are endless...  how-to tutorial.

DIY monogram mug

4. BBQ Blast

Prepare some tasty skewers or any worthy meat for dad to grill away & simply enjoy the outdoors. Pair the meal with a delicious side of baked beans, french fries, salad, or cornbread. This recipe here sounded mouth-watering and perfect to celebrate dad.

5. Just for Dad Notepad

This is such a simple, but fun way to have kids gift dad with something special. You can choose his favorite colors and pair it with a new set of pens or office supplies to put in the office.

6. Rocky Road Brownies

For dessert, make this tasty treat that Dad will request more often than just his special day.  Plus you can never go wrong with a classic turned into a decadent ooey-gooey chocolatey chunk dessert.

7. Fast Food Fun

This isn't dad's ordinary burger and fries, but actually a sweet treat that is just loads of fun! You can find this cool cupcake, brownie, and cookie display tutorial here . Go a step further and pair this funt treat with a gift card to Dad's favorite restaurant.

Thick Brownie Burger Cupcake

Happy Father's day to all those father's out there! Be sure to bless and thank you dad for all that he has sacrificed and provided you for. Find some way to show your appreciation and take the time to celebrate a man who has dedicated a life to supporting you. Many blessings!

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