Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coconut Milk

Coconut is something I more recently acquired the taste for and now it's one of my favorite flavors! Thankfully here in Mexico, it is rather easy to come by in. For example at the grocery store it costs under a $1 and there are so many things you can do with it-- drink the water, eat the meat, shred the meat and make fresh shredded coconut, like this post, coconut milk, and any other recipe coconut can be used for. For instance, use in your cereal wit a little added sugar for sweetness, use in curries or to cook rice, to bake desserts, or simply just to drink a refreshing glass of fresh pure coconut.

Coconut Milk: (about 5 cups)
3-6 cups filtered water*
coconut water
coconut meat*

* You could use less or more depending on how thick you prefer your coconut milk to be.
*If you can't find a whole coconut, you can simply just use coconut shreds (unsweetened to create your own) paired with or without any coconut water.

Place all the ingreditns in a blender, blend very well (about 10 minutes). Place seive over a bowl or cup to pour coconut milk mixture through in order to eliminate coconut pulp and create a smotth rich milk. Do not toss the pulp, but save and use for other recipes, such as baking (recipe coming soon also). Store in the refrigerator in a jar and will keep for 3-4 days. However, since there are no preservatives or fillers, the “cream” of the coconut milk may separate on the top, but just shake or stir before using.

Drain coconut water out, break coconut, & remove meat of the coconut.

Toss all ingredients together, blend on
high for several minutes.
Use a sieve to catch coconut pulp, save,
& use for other recipes.
There you have fresh pure coconut milk.

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