Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Date: Tortas + Raspados

One of my new favorite treats has been Raspados, also known as a snow cone, as it has been so HOT. It's a nice refreshing tasty treat that comes in an abundant of flavors that helps beat this summer heat! Another favorite bite to eat for Sam is tortas de pierna. So on one of our outings we enjoyed some ham sandwiches and, delicious snow cones, as well as a beautiful day besides the hot weather... I have to say Mexican food is absolutely one of my favorite cuisines, you can hardly go wrong and their are a ton of authentic dishes. Let alone their "fast food" is street tacos, fruit cups, and flavored waters like horchata

This Torta shop is a quaint little spot, but very popular. We had just sat down on some stools near the stove when somone right after us thankfully ordered several sandwiches to go. Notice all those buns, they make them as they are ordered, fresh. 

The hubby always has a huge smile on his face while eating this savory
packed with full fresh flavors of   the thigh of a pig, avocado, cheese, tomato,
and secret ingredient butter...

And for my favorite, Raspados-- 100% Natural!

Chamoyada de Tamarindo: Chile, Chmoy, &
Prunes and can be paired with any type of juice.

Coconut and Strawberries

Just looking at these pictures gets me craving a rico raspado, Happy Tuesday!

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