Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to: Sushi

I feel as though I am always craving some yummy sushi and surprisingly it's actually pretty popular down here. But I am always up for making it at home, as it's a ton of  fun, as well as delicious! So I thought I would share with you just how easy it truly is.
All you have to buy is some Nori sheets (the seaweed wraps) and a rolling mat, plus of course whatever ingredients you would like in your sushi rolls. I usually opt for the veggies, but of course don't ever turn down the opportunity for some shrimp (cooked).  I guess you could say I'm not a true sushi eater, as I still am not acquired the taste buds for eating raw sushi, perhaps one day... However, making sushi would make a great way to pass time with friends, or turn into a sweet date and then maybe even a picnic, or a terrific party! 
Sushi Rice: (3 cups or 4 rolls)
1 cup rice (uncooked)*
+ Sushi-Su
Cook according to packaged directions.
*Note: Rice is usually 2-1 ratio (2 cups water for 1 cup rice), but Sushi rice is 1 1/4 cup water for 1 cup rice. I personally like to use brown rice, but the husband likes regular white rice and it works just as well.

Place the 1 cup rice and water into a medium saucepan and place over high heat. Bring to a boilreduce heat to low, and coverCook using packaged time. Remove from heat and let stand still covered for 10 minutes.

Sushi-Su (Seasoned Vinegar for Sushi Rice)
2 Tbsp cup rice vinegar
1/2 Tbsp sugar
Pinch of salt

Combine the rice vinegar, sugar and salt into a small bowl and heat in microwave on high for 30 seconds. Transfer the rice into a bowl and add the vinegar mixture. Fold rice thoroughly to combine and coat each grain of rice with the mixture. Let cool to room temperature before using to make sushi.

Making Sushi: (4 rolls)
Basically you can put whatever your heart desires in your sushi roll, vegetables only, mix of meats or fishes, or both, it's pretty much free game. Although you don't want to overdue it have have to big of a roll and fall apart and you also don't wan't to lose flavors, so choose 3-4 items and don't over stuff.

Rolling Matt
4 Nori Sheets
Sesame Seeds
3 cups of Sushi Rice

cucumber, seeded & sliced
carrots, sliced into match sticks
avocado, sliced
spinach leaves
green onion
sweet potato
alfalfa sprouts
cheese, sliced in strips

Cut up your vegetables and cook your meats or proteins (if desired) beforehand. Prepare a station where you have everything nicely layed out and ready to grab. 

Place the rolling mat with sticks going vertically on top of a cutting board or flat surface. Feel the nori sheet on both sides, you will find one side to be a bit smooth and shiny, where as the other side a bit more rough. Place nori sheet on the rolling mat with the rough side facing upwards or shiny side down.
Have a larger bowl filled with water to dip your hands in, this will help with the rice not sticking to your hands. Get your hands wet, and take a handful of rice. When you work with the nori though, you should keep them as dry as you can. Gently press the rice on the the nori sheet, and begin spreading it equally all over the the nori, creating a layer of rice covering almost the entire sheet except 1/2 inch of the top. 
Now it's time to place fillings-- place on the bottom edge of the nori and continue to pile until you are finished. At this point only the bottom edge should have food on it, besides the rice. 

Using the closer edge of the rolling mat to you, begin to roll the nori sheet and continue to move forward, keeping it tight with every move until you reach the end of the nori and lifting the rolling mat as you begin to get excess. Be sure to put pressure on the roll from all three sides at at every moment, especially on stops to allow it to roll tightly. At then end while the sushi roll is still wrapped int the mat give it one last pressure to secure the roll. Lastly, Use a wet, sharp knife to cut the roll in to little sushi 8 units per roll. Top with sasame seeds, siracha sauce, or/and soy sauce.

                                                           Make sushi rice: combine your choice + suushi-su.

Cook your meats & fishes (if desired) or prepare them ready.
Prepare your vegetables, cheese, and fillings.
Set-up your rice station. Check nori sheet for shiny side down.
Prepare a bowl of water to dip hands when handling rice,
to help with stickiness. Careful not to we the nori sheet.

Gently spread rice on nori sheet evenly , leaving 1/2 in at the top.
Begin adding your fillings toward the bottom of the nori sheet.
 *Note: I didn't want a ton of rice, therefore didn't do a great job at evenly
spreading the rice, but the husband did :)

Begin Rolling process:

Slice sushi roll w/ a wet blade into 8 units.

Ready to consume!

Prepare an enitre meal w/ shredded carrots & Japanese Cucumber salad.

Tomorrow I will post the super simple yet incredibly delicious Japenese Cucumber salad pictured above. I hope this inspires you to create your own, let me know how your sushi making experience goes!

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