Friday, July 13, 2012

(Lazy) Sushi Rice Bowl

Feeling lazy or short on time yet craving some sushi, well this is  a perfect quick-fix. Simply just make some sushi-su rice, recipe here, by maybe even using some leftover rice, and then add-in whatever mix-ins your prefer, combine, and viola you have a delicious sushi bowl ready for consuming. I always like to do this too when I have left overs from making sushi and just combine it for leftovers for lunch the next day-- its perfect!  You can add whatever you like, chicken, beef, fish, asparagus, radishes, edamame-- really whatever you have on hand. 

(Lazy) Sushi Bowl:
Brown Rice
Sushi-su mix
Avocado, sliced
carrots, diced
cucumber diced
nori sheet, sliced
spinach, sliced
sesame seeds

Combine cooked brown rice with Sushi-su mix. Add in desired mix-ins, serve with sesame seeds, soy sauce, and/or siracha sauce. Enjoy!

Have a very blessed weekend & I hope you are enjoying summer :) I ended up teaching a summer school course, so I had a mini-vacation while we had visitors & now teaching a kindergarten summer class-- just teaching them the basics like ABC's, shapes, and lots of vocabulary.

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