Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wrap-up with our Beloved Guests

Our very dear friends, Monica and her son Mark, came down for a visit. We had such an incredible time of relaxing, having fun, enjoying one another's company of such sweet fellowship , and had some really encouraging and great conversations. We also ate our hearts out, went to the cinema, church, and went to the new and very first Starbucks of La Paz. As you can imagine we were really sad to see them return home yesterday, but we were so blessed to have them visit even during this hot weather ;) Here is a peek into their trip-- we miss them a ton already!

 Trip to El Triunfo

 Street Tacos, Stuffed Potatoes, & Charro Beans @ Super Burro

Telcolote & Balandra Beach


 Long walks along the Malecon

 Bismarc Sea food Restaurant

Misc. Photos:

We truly were beyond blessed to have them come and visit with us and cherish these sweet new memories and wise words. Thanks Monica! and we love you guys a ton!

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