Monday, September 24, 2012

Samie's Visit: Part 1

Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time, but just been busy with teaching both my husband's and my English classes while he was out of town, and then enjoying the sweet visit with my sister, and now recovering from a cold. Although, I must say I have a new found respect for my husband as a high school teacher, as they are a rather difficult groups to handle-- education here is just much less respected here by students, always keeping you on your toes.Whereas, my students, being at an English teaching institution are angels, so it was a pleasure to hand back the rowdy kids to the hubby. But it was inspiring to try and make a difference in their lives during that short time frame-- character, respect, value of education... lets just say the husband has a lot of work ahead of him.

Their view all the way down the coast.
 However, I also wanted to give a little re-cap of my sisters visit here with us-- we had such a lovely time as its always a blast to spend quality time together from talking our hearts out, to remembering the earlier days by watching our classic favorites such as the TV show Growing Pains.  Starting out with some candid moments captured from the sisters iPhone from her and the hubby's travel down from TJ to the Baja (about a 17hr drive) in two-seater chase truck we plan to sell.

Some scenery shots along their adventure.

 They stopped in a small town called Santa Rosalia where they happen to have the finest and most delicious baked goods using a brick oven-- here is a sneak peak inside, look at all that bread! They even brought me back a concha or two to enjoy and was still the best I've ever had.

 Along the way they came incredibly close to running out of gas as the last two towns that presented gasoline signs ended up being desolate and out of service. So as they are passing through another little town with little expectation that they will find gas, drive by this man selling gasoline out of his truck-- of course for an arm and leg, but if it wasn't for him they wouldn't have made it... I think the Lord intervened :)

And finally our trip juntos (together)...

Thankful for the new 'Bux' in town, we spend a couple of afternoons
chatting away & working on misc. projects.

We had to take her to one of our favorite places, The Shack. Where we split a burger and asked for water-- look @ the size of their mugs! and even after splitting a burger, we still had to hit the Malecon for a nice walk.

We also enjoyed some tastey Raspados, that simply beat any snow cone any day-- packed full of natural & not your typical cherry flavors. 

While Samie was visiting it also happened to be Mexico's independence day, where they deck the town out with lights and decorations, and celebrate with "El Grito" and fireworks. So we celebrated by going to one of Samie's favorite Mexican restaurants, Rancho Viejo. We shared some delicious food and conversation.

And Sunday, enjoyed a short road trip to El Triunfo after Church with the hubby's aunt, "Tia"  for the best pizza out there cooked in a brick oven, with a thin crisp crust and finest ingredients. After the tons of rain we have been having, the outdoors turned from dry dessert to luscious green scenery, absolutely stunning.

Can you believe those clouds!?

This just wraps up part of our time, so stay tuned for Part II. And I have lots of new recipes to post :) Have a blessed week!

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