Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Samie's Visit: Part 2

Here is Part II of  my sister's visit, it went by way too fast, but I also was just so encouraged to have her come-- no doubt we always have an incredible time together. Like I mentioned a few times now it has been stormy/ rainy for the past month which is quite unusual for La Paz, but nonetheless the land has appreciated the abundant amount of water and as a result we have seen some beautiful skies! There is also another hurricane going to hit Baja, but thankfully will just miss the bottom of the coast, us. Of course we will still be hit with some rough weather, but no real scares-- keep those in prayer that will be hit however. And yesterday we had an earthquake (which is very rare here), 6.2 magnitude. I was in the middle of teaching my ten year olds who were beyond scared-- no damage done, praise Jesus. 

For breakfast one morning we hit one of our favorite taco stands that serves delicious tacos de canasta (cooked by steaming) for only 9 pesos each and serves some refreshing Chia Fresca, recipe posted here.

One evening, we made a quick stop to Dairy Queen, yep we even have one here... they only serve ice cream related items, but it is a big hit down here-- there is almost always a line. We all happened to want the same thing, so figured we would just order the take-home Blizzard and share! It was giant, but we managed to polish it off and it was so delicious.

Another day we took a stroll at the newest mall, mostly to just window shop... but came across the kitchen appliance section (so fun!) and to my surprise found a food processor on sale, so the price was affordable and comes with a warranty. So I finally got myself a rather nice food processor!-- I have been wanting one for quite some time now. I was so stoked, practically jumping up & down, which can only mean lots of new recipes coming, as I have been on a roll using the new appliance. 

Another must-eat are empanadas! They are one of both our favorite foods, although definitely not the healthiest... so we took a trip to the local market where they have grocery booths, food sales, and smoothie/juice joints. At the food stalls each smaller item is only 10 pesos each, but they also serve other typical Mexican cuisine.

And finally, for our most favorite part of the trip we decided to try-out Paddle Boarding! It was a ton of fun, but a lot more challenging than we thought-- keeping our balance. We brought my under-water camera to try and capture the moments, however some of the shots got blurry. I'll admit I was the first to fall-in, Samie started laughing and lost her balance falling in to... great memories. After another topple-over I lost my sunglasses, they slipped right off my head and I couldn't seem to find them... that was the only downside. Definitely will have to try it again sometime. Here are some pictures of us in action!



Well, that pretty much wraps it up, thanks for stopping by! We had a lovely time and can't wait for our next visitors, my older sister and husband to join us for Thanksgiving :) I sure am blessed! More recipes to come later this week.

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