Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rain, rain, go away!

Last week we experienced two hurricanes near-by so we got a ton of rain! It sure was great for the land, but unfortunately not for our home... our roof leaks in several places, meanwhile we have been able to contain  it for the most part using buckets and towels. But with this storm and it raining ALL day long last Friday.... we just couldn't do much about it, except to just let it overflow the house and have major clean-up later. It was raining so much that even government cancelled school, as the city just isn't built for lots of rainfall flooding the streets and leaving the roads destroyed with giant pot-holes everywhere. And to top it off, later that evening it started raining super hard cutting out our electricity for a bit, so the house was lit by candle, 
making for a fun adventure nonetheless.

Here are a few photos of some of the spots where the roof leaks, this was the beginning when we decided we could no longer contain the flooding... as the storm continued the entire floor was covered-- living room, kitchen, and hall. In our kitchen we have several windows which is really nice to open and let the breeze come through, but the only downside is, when it rains the water leaks through the cracks and also floods the floor. So we obviously spoke with are landlord and are hoping it gets fixed sometime soon... but here in Mexico people aren't too quick to get things done.

And earlier in the day when it was only a light sprinkle, we decided to head out in the truck the husband brought back on his trip a few weeks ago to look at the city. I made the husband take it easy, going real slow through the rain puddles, etc. But going through I felt bad for some of the more unfortantely families here in Mexico whose houses are way worse off than our own, built out of scraps of wood, dirt flooring and using tarps to try and stay dry. It was definitly a sad sight, my prayers go out to them. It has been dry and hot since then, so thankfully everyone has made most of their recoveries. But when a place is not use to a lot of rain, the city is really damaged by a heavy storm. Below are a few photos of our little excursion. 

Sam enjoying the ride, maybe a little too much... and what the roads looked like Friday morning.


We came across this giant pool of water and were nervous to ride through it, until....
we saw this brave bike rider just pass right through it without any hesitation-- can't say I'd ever do that.

Like I said thankfully, the hurricane didn't hit us too hard, just some rain. The city is slowly patching up the roads with literally giant pot-holes and La Paz is finally green again :)

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