Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gratitude: Part 3

13. I could not be more excited for today as we are headed to Cabo San Lucas to visit with our pastor & his wife, along with another sweet couple from our Church in San Diego. Which leads me to my gratitude, as we have been so blessed by their leadership, love, support, and direction in our lives, individually and as a couple. Their marriage has been such an example to us-- reflecting the love Christ has for His Church. They have challenged us and really been an inspiration in our lives.

14. And on top of that, this week my Older sister & her husband, and my father will be coming to visit for Thanksgiving! This will be my dad's first trip and I am excited to show him this beautiful city we have called our home for the past year & half. I am looking forward to spending some much needed time with my family, enjoying their vacation with them, and enjoy their company.

15.  During this time in Mexico, I have grown a lot as a person, but particularly in my confidence. As it has been a great struggle for me to have enough confidence in myself in speaking the language and overcoming fears of messing up and just being a timid person in general. But since living here, it has really challenged me to step past those barriers and really embrace this time as an opportunity to improve myself. I still have a long way to go, but I am grateful that this time God has used to teach me, grow me, and shape me through this season.

16. On the note of this time here in Mexico, my life is definitely a lot more laid back than in the States-- I actually have some downtime ;) And although I miss all the events and busy schedule, its nice to understand what it means to relax. It has really helped me to really prioritize and refresh my spirit. And I am so grateful for this time as it has allowed me to explore cooking, adapt to being a wife, spend time doing things for myself, and really invest in our marriage. It has been such a sweet time of enjoying each other, learning a new culture, and realizing what's important and really opening my eyes to being thankful for life instead of rushing through each day like a routine, but rather soaking up every moment. 

17. I am so grateful for technology as it has allowed me to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as keep in the loop of whats going on back home while I'm gone. And be able to have this blog, to keep all my friends at home acquainted with all that God is doing in our lives here in La Paz, as well as hopefully encouraged others.

18. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all those whom have invested in my life & have been such role models and inspiration to me. Showing me a lifestyle that is after the Lord's own heart, to seek His will, and pursue a life that glorifies Him in everything. These adults have truly impacted my life, giving me hope, and helping me to understand the purpose in life-- to serve God & honor Him with our life. Still today they offer wisdom, encouragement, prayer, direction, life-lessons, and truth. I will be forever grateful for their time, efforts, and love for me throughout these many years and know that I have become who I am today as a result of their commitment to the Lord and the way they shared that with me. Thank you!

19. And lastly, I am thankful that God works out all things! He knows are needs better than we know them ourselves. More and more I see how intricately and specially prepared He works in our lives, even to the tiniest things-- like having a holiday today celebrating the Mexican revolution, in perfect time for us to have the opportunity to go visit with our friends in Cabo today. What a perfect and loving God we have, for there is no one like Him. Thank you Lord!

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