Friday, December 7, 2012

Beloved Trip to Cabo

A few weeks back I mentioned that our pastor and his wife along with another couple were headed to Cabo for a sweet little vacation, which just happens to be super close to us in La Paz. So we were able to make a trip down & stay with them in their suite, like a big sleepover, & we had such an amazing time!
It was so much fun to see them, had great fellowship, and overall just enjoyed our time with them. We ate some delicious carnita & carne asada tacos, Costco hot dogs & pizza-- believe it or not we were craving this as we don't have one in our town & just wanted that good all-beef hot dogs with all the regular fixings, minus the jalepenos & also split a slice of everything pizza, mmm delicious ;) 

The drive: beautiful green scenery from all our rain!

Us Ladies.
The boys (watching the football game).

We also took advantage of the beautiful  picturesque & extravagant pool & Jacuzzi the hotel offered, made a trip to the local beach which was perfect for snorkeling, using tortillas as fish food! We played a fun & new board game to me in the evening, which the husband actually won while not even really knowing what he was doing... go figure. We also had an exciting time experiencing nature, pictured below! As well as an incredible morning devotional together that really was such an encouragement to my heart, bringing such a peace upon myself, as well as just being able to share in God's word & prayer together as a family. 

@ the pool where they had a small fire & torches lit everywhere, it was very cool & also had exquisite lounge areas that we kept joking about to sleep on during the night.

After the boys stumbled upon sea turtles hatching & making their excursion home at the hotel beach,  they quickly came to inform us so we could participate in this amazing phenomenon! What happens is during this time of year, the turtle eggs hatch but our drawn towards light coming from the hotel, thinking it's the moon, so people then help them to find their way. It was so incredible & something we have always wanted to see, they were so tiny & cute. 

The next morning the pastor's wife & I had a nice long walk, attempted jog.. along the beach, exfoliating our feet :) but got to see a few more baby turtles & help send them on their way.

This is just a small recap of the blessing it was to spend time with them & am so grateful that God would gift us that time to enjoy one another & really just offer and encouragement that would uplift & strengthen our hearts. It was such a joy as well to hangout with other married couples, we had a blast!

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