Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Visit

Over Thanksgiving week my family came down for a visit-- it was my Dad's first trip & he loved it! We had such a great time while exploring La Paz, eating way too much, & of course enjoying each one another. The weather was perfect, my dad stayed with us our little quaint home, & my sister & her husband stayed at a rustic yet gorgeous hotel, La Concha. We partook in quite a few activities, touring the famous Espiritu Santo Island to swim with sea lions & snorkel, enjoyed a nice kayak ride, the movie theater in the comfy lounge chairs, ate seafood & taco galore, & gave them a tour of our grand city. I wish they could have stayed longer, but it was so nice to see them & meant so much fro them to make it out here. We are so blessed by them & cherished every moment. Here is sneak peak of all our adventures :)

Gobenador Taco-- official fave of the whole trip.
After picking up my family from the airport, we eagerly headed to eat some scrumptious sea food.

Oysters-- the boys bravely consumed!

Of course, the next day, Thanksgiving, was a beach day... first we went to one of our favorite beaches, Balandra. We also took our kayaking adventure, which happened to be my first & I loved it, what a fun way to enjoy the view. This beach is also perfect for it, as there are no waves & the water is completely flat, as well as the scenery just being absolutely breathtaking.
Sitting under the Palapa & soaking up the beautiful scenery & sun ;)

Then we made a stop @ Telcolote beach for some snacks & a change of scenery. And even though it being Thanksgiving and all,  I still had to work that day, as its not celebrated here in Mexico obviously. It also being the end of a school term meant that I had lots of papers to grade, so why not do some grading at the beach, really what could be better? 

Thanksgiving dinner was shared at Bismarcito Retuaraunt located along the malecon with some delicious mix of seafood & steak. 

Dessert, Boba Drink :)

Next we have the adventurous trip to Isla Espiritu Santo. This is about a 2 hr trek to visit the island and the whole trip lasts about 6 hrs. You then get to snorkel & swim with the sea lions, as well as eat a delicious ceviche lunch on a beautiful white sandy beach, & enjoy a sweet ride on the water-- ya it was pretty amazing! 



Sam playing with the baby sea lion by doing spins.

Enjoy this sweet little video the hubby took under water of the sea lions!

On the last day we went to breakfast at The Dock, where we enjoyed the best chiliquiles around.
The view.
& some raspados.

We seriously had such a great time & an increible way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Hope yours was blessed as well. Thanks for coming to visit, love you guys!

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