Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Birthday: 12.12.12

Do you see that date!? That marked a very special & rather perfect date, as yesterday my twin sister & I celebrated our 23rd birthday. Even though we dislike spending them apart, I still had a very lovely day, the husband treated me extra special even though he is feeling under the weather. Samie & I made sure to keep in contact throughout the day to share another memory as we especially enjoy birthdays, not just for ourselves but as well to celebrate the special lives of all those whom we love-- & the biggest birthday celebration is just around the corner as we get ready to celebrate our dear Savior's birth! I was seriously so overwhelmed to by everybody's birthday wishes on FB, especially living abroad from all my friends and family, you all made me feel so special, thank you! Below are some pictures to share my birthday re-cap with you. 

On Sunday I invited a few friends over for sushi-making dinner party, which turned out super delicious & a lot of fun. We had a mix of cooked proteins ( & I know technically its not sushi, but I am not a fan of raw), lots of vegetables to choose from, as well as a sweet vs. a spicy sauce, & a nice Japanese cucumber salad to go with.

After dinner we heard the whistle from the "Camote Man"-- he sells yams or bananas drowned in piloncillo (brown sugar basically) & lechera (condensed milk), very unhealthy but oh-so-good from a cart. He pushes this cart around to the neighborhoods & blows the whistle to let everyone know he is coming, it is really quite fun & I love yams, especially candied ones :) He was so kind and let us take a photo.

We played a few games of spoons and old favorite card games while we made some room for my birthday dessert, Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake!


And finally cake time: this was actually my first attempt at making a cheesecake of any sort--it came out delicious! Although I was shooting for a more fluffy cake for the 2nd layer and also ran into problems when removing the cheesecake from the pan, so my layers went on backwards, but it was still scrumptious, especially when paired with some Mexican hot coco, mmm... I used this recipe here for a crustless pumpkin cheesecake & would definitely make it again. 

 Now on to the actual day:
It was a definitely a calm & relaxed kind of day, but very enjoyable nontheless. Started it out with a morning run w/ a friends, & then the highlight, skyping with the other half! Also we recieved a package in the mail with many of my favorite things I have been wanting but hard to find here, such as canned pumpkin & Gevalia coffee, so I was able to a have a my perfect breakfast favorite: Pumpkin Carrot Oats w/ sunflower seed butter in my new decorated mug :) Also, in that package was sweet gifts from the in-laws like Toms & other various gifts, thank you!!! 
Both the hubby & I had to work, but we still managed to celebrate with a delicious lunch at El Rincon Chilango & then later that night the movies! I also snuck a bag of my favorite popcorn recipe: Kettle Corn. And of course topped the day off with the last slice of my pumpkin cheesecake. I have to say it was a great birthday! 

The hubby ordered his favorite:
 Green Mole enchiladas

Pazole! My favorite :)

Thank you again for all your birthday wishes, love, and encouragement. Blessings!

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