Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, remembering the sweet gift that our Lord gave us with His son's birth! Ours was delightful even though we were away from home. But it was a joy to share it together as well as with some friends.

Christmas Eve here in Mexico is the more celebrated day of the two, where Christmas morning, most families lounge around & just enjoy a relaxed day. So on the eve, it is nothing of the sort, they throw a big family & friends celebration with lots of food, music, and fun, waiting until midnight to strike, in which they then launch a very crazy burst of fireworks & gun shots (scary!) & then the children finally get to open their gifts.

Also, during this Christmas season I attempted many projects to celebrate the season & decorate our humble home. This Christmas was our second, but extra special because we bought our first tree & wanted to put my finishing touches on it, so I made some ornaments using this salt dough recipe, but only had wheat flour, no paint nor cookie cutters on hand, so I used nail polish... they turned out a little more rustic than angelic. Some friends and I also attempted some cinnamon applesauce ornaments, but unfortunately that one was a total fail. And instead of buying stockings, I made some using some inexpensive material and an old white t-shirt, which by no means are perfection, but they got the job done. Also, for the first time I made some truffles for a Christmas gift, but made a healthier version of them switching-up ingredients & using wholesome ones instead. 

For Christmas eve, I spent most of the day cooking as the husband & I hosted a dinner that turned out delicious despite guest cancellations & a very delayed dinner-- stuffed broccoli & mushroom garlic chicken, roasted carrots & beets w/ a citrus sauce, & scalloped potatoes. And of course, ended it perfectly with a movie, pumpkin pie & hot cocoa. 

 Christmas morning though is simply my favorite, early morning family gathering, nibbling on Christmas breakfast tradition, cinnamon rolls, diving into stockings & gift exchanging. Where the presents aren't what is important, but just the joy & cherished moments spent with loved ones just swells my heart full of love. Although we weren't surrounded by family this year, we made sure to skype them early which I am so grateful for technology/internet, it warmed my heart to see their smiling faces! I of course had to continue our tradition with cinnamon rolls paired with coffee, along with a nice relaxed morning spent with the hubby. And later spent the afternoon with a friend of mine's family friend for a delicious & very entertaining Christmas dinner with an incredible view. We enjoyed it so much & even had a funny little sock gift exchange that seriously ended the night perfectly with lots of laughs. We were so grateful for the invite & the pleasure of meeting new people. 

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