Monday, February 11, 2013

La Paz Carnival 2013

Every year in Febraury, La Paz hosts its annual Carnaval, which is located right on the malecon (harbor), filled with entertainment, fun, and everything delicious. It of course has a lovely parade of floats that everyone gathers to watch, unfortunately for the second time in a row I have been sick and unable to attend. But Saturday night before the big parade (Sunday-Wednesday) we took our turn for some Carnaval action. We walked around looking at all the booths, observing options for our eats, and kept entertained by all the children with their face paints, glittered masks, and bright colored wigs sold by vendors. Also noticed a ton of tourists, its always fun to be apart of such an event. Of course there are a ton of rides, game booths, and shopping stalls, but our favorite is the food stalls-- everything just screams EAT ME. Although we also enjoyed the perforances, especially the traditional Mexican dancing, so much fun! We had an enjoyable time and hope to visit again before it leaves, as I want some special treats, like the sweet gorditas de nata, yum!


Walking by all the bread booths was seriously so tempting, everything just smells incredible.


We were wanting some delicious dinner & ended up stopping at a local restaurant located also on the malecon, Rancho Viejo, and we left stuffed-- no room for extra snacks or treats, next trip ;)
Shrimp Queso Tacos
Shrimp Soup

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