Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Bread Crumbs

It's funny how you change when you get older & things start bothering you that before you were mindless about... My dad use to always hate that us kids would never eat left overs, now being on my own, I hate to waste food! Ha, I always try to find every way possible to not waste food. I have found a new appreciate for him putting up with us all those years...

So this recipe comes in to play because what do you do with the the end slices on your loaf of bread? Do you eat them? Do you toss them? Well, I use them up of course! I will most likely use them for croutons in a salad or like this post turn them into breadcrumbs. It's way too easy not too! Basically add 3 to 5 ingredients in a food processor or blender & viola you have your own healthier & incredibly cheaper breadcrumbs, plus way more convenient as well. 

2-4 slices of bread
1/4 cup oats
2 Ts flax seed
Spices & Herbs*

*Note: add salt & pepper if you would like, I try not to add additional sodium to recipes when I can help it, but really this is up to you because you can adjust the flavors to a certain recipe you might be using it for (chicken nuggets, topping for casserole dishes, binding a burger, chicken parmesan  etc)  or just keep it plain to adjust for later use, or just simply add basic flavors such as basil or oregano, or a special Italian mix for most common versatility.


  • Add spices & herbs, toasted bread by chunks-- breaking it into pieces, pulse together until thoroughly chopped & all ingredients our mixed together. Keep it in a air tight container or zip-lock bag. 

    • Toast bread until browned/crisp. While those are toasting, simply place flax seeds first in food processor or blender, grind. Add oats, pulse until broken up, yet still flaky. 


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