Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Vacation in Cabo

One perk about being a teacher & living in La Paz, is you also get to enjoy the vacation time off & a quick drive to Cabo San Lucas. So we took the opportunity for a nice little getaway for a few days. I packed a ton of food with us as I know our place would have a mini kitchen and wish I took a picture we had so much leftover... haha! Better to be over prepared, right? Needless to say it was packed with tourists, spring break in CABO, duh-- it made us feel back in San Diego actually... But we enjoyed the time to ourselves, relaxing, & the beautiful weather.

On Wednesdays, Cabo has their Go-Karts 1/2 the price, so Sam made sure to stop by & actually met up with a few friends who also happened to be vacationing in Cabo too. Sam killed it out there & it was super fun to watch him, he actually got an extra lap in than all the others because of his speed. 

We brought our bikes along the trip for easy transportation. We attempted a few times to travel up & down the elevator to get to & from our room, but it ended up being much easier to take the stairs. Shopped around a bit like any tourist would & found some much needed sunglasses (pictured below). 

We made a couple visits to the beach, it was only a 5 minute bike ride away, loved it! 

We ate out only a few times because like I mentioned, I packed a TON of food. No vacation is complete without a few splurges ;)

But we ate out on the beautiful harbor one night for a more fancy dinner, made a trip to Costco for the famous hot dogs & pizza, and of course got in our fair share of tacos! 

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