Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Re-Cap of Samie's Visit

Well, Samie came & went, spending just a little over 3 weeks with us. Although it is a lengthy bit of time, it all seemed to pass by too fast, yet it indeed was full of lots of excitement! We ate our way through La Paz of course, made up for it with several runs along the breathtaking view on the malecon, & made a couple visits to the beach. Along with everything in between: late night movies, heartfelt discussions, interview prep/ decision making (She's off to Johns Hopkins for graduate school) work, & creating a ton of other cherished memories.

Our first stop when we picked Samie up at the airport was a favorite of hers, Rancho Viejo. It hits the spot as always, yum! It was so nice to catch up in person & hear about life back in the states, we sure do miss it. But are definitely blessed to live where we do & eat at restaurants with such beautiful scenery overlooking the malecon.

Another day, we hit the local market that sells delicious typical foods for super cheap before heading to a nearby beach, La Concha. We ate some 10 peso empanadas & then soaked up the sun.

We also hit one of my new favorite restuarants, Los Tamarindos. Invited our friend Alex too, who actually just left back home Saturday after doing a research project here in La Paz for 9 months. So blessed to have met her & looking forward to all that's in store for her future.


Also, they have folk dancers who perform on weekends, which is perhaps my favorite part-- doing different dances from regions throughout Mexico (one included a machete!). He even pulled us ladies up onto the dance floor, I was terrible. We left stuffed, but the food was delightful-- we ordered the traditional Mexican plate, the Regional  plate, & can't go wrong with chicken fajitas.  

Also, took Samie to Maria California's not only to taste the delicious cuisine, but also because it happens to be the owner of a young man she was tutoring for math & science while visiting. Plus, we needed to celebrate her post-interview for Johns Hopkins (we knew she would get in, right? -- Way to go sis! Both Sam's ;) ordered enchiladas while I ordered enfrijoladas, everything was mouthwatering!

Another event was a big race to showcase vintage vehicles racing part of baja, so Sam of course went to the convention snapping a ton of photos of all the cars & then also even had the opportunity to do the night pit for a friend who was racing. He didn't come home until 4am, as well as gave me a good scare when he got home. Us ladies decided on a girls night of course which included rolled tacos & a movie. Sam pictured with the older gentleman has a picture with him when he was just a little boy about 18 years ago, so cool!


 We had to make a trip to one of our favorite beach locations, Puntas Arenas. The water was a tad cold, so the hubby had to carry me in order to get me to go, but it was bearable &  fresh after finally being plunged into it. We had the whole place to ourselves basically, and made some light salads (recipes coming soon) & Alex brought ceviche to share for lunch. Beautiful scenery, amazing marine life, and wonderful company, made for an excellent day!

A trip to La Paz is not complete without raspados and tostilocos! We shared them among the three of us, & of course we were not disappointed-- so refreshing on a HOT day. It may look very strange, but it is surprisingly so tasty that you crave it! 

We couldn't resist another trip to Tailhunter Restaurant, sort of a last hurrah before our good friend Alex & Samie both left to return home. We enjoyed our lovely chat with the owners, Jon & Jillian-- thank you for the great time, beautiful sunset, & rico food! We love the fun & spirited environment here & always are beyond satisfied with the variety of food & great service.


And finally it comes to an end: famous chiliquiles from the Dock. One of our favorite once-in-a-while breakfast dishes as it's on the heavier side, and we have yet to find a better ones than here. Portions are our of control, so Samie & I shared one. We of course all loved the gorgeous & serene view sitting on the deck while devouring our plates, & discussing everyone's favorite highlights of La Paz. I was also asked if I was Portuguese by the waiter because of my accent... does that mean I'm not a gringo anymore ;)

It was seriously such an AMAZING time that we could have with each other as it has been so long since we got to spend a good amount of time together, as well as be able to share in all the excitement as she sets sail for a new journey in Maryland (whoa!) at Johns Hopkins. We are so proud & so excited, we cannot wait to see all that the Lord has in store for you. Thank you for coming out, we appreciate your cheerful spirit, sincerity  genuine being, and thoughtful heart. Love you to pieces & know the Lord blessed us with each other! 

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