Friday, May 31, 2013

San Diego Trip

It had been just shy of a year since I last visited my hometown, San Diego, and it was indeed a very treasured trip. Although, it went exceedingly fast, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions from tears of joy to tears of sadness, but I am always overwhelmed by the welcoming & loving response by everyone. This trip was not just a visit home, but initially to celebrate my sister Samie & her graduation, as well as send her off to graduate school as she embarks on a new journey on the East Coast. I definitely stayed busy, between party planning & preparations, shopping for her necessities, visiting with family & friends, & celebrations. It was such a blast and wish that I could do it all over again.

We stayed pretty busy getting everything ready for Samie's graduation party, which I'll post another blog about later. In between all the running around & eating at all the restaurants/ cuisines I've been deprived of, I would have to say the winner was INDIAN food & of course was in good company. Here in La Paz, we have nothing of the sort. Although Yogurt Mill came in pretty close as I love my dessert! And surprisingly, Souplantation was on my list as I was craving a nice delicious salad, which really hit the spot. Spending time with my in-laws is always a pleasure, it was so nice to see them! Visiting our church & getting to spend time with beloved friends & mentors is always such a joy.We also conquered shopping for Samie as she was needing to buy some essentials for the East Coast, which I also forgot what it was like to walk around a "real" mall-- oh the luxuries of the States ;)

Here is a little sneek peek into all the preparations for the party. We made pressed salami & turkey sandwiches, southwestern pasta salad, homemade ice cream Popsicles & sandwiches, chai tea cupcakes, plus, all the decor.

 We put my sister-in-law to good work with preparations, projects, & clean-up, thank you so much Abby-- we couldn't have done it w/o you!!

And we may have forgotten a few things or missed calculated quantities of items needed... so Carl was our go-to guy! Thank you for the several extra trips to the market!
To weigh down the sandwiches, we happily put all her old college books to good use. We had a very full fridge that night! The sandwiches came out super delicious & we had been worried we didn't have enough, but they turned out to be so filling. Definitely will be trying out different versions of this style sandwich.

Kellie stopped at the farmer's market for the flowers & arranged them all in mason jars, along with helping with a billion other things, she definitely warns the BEST sister award.

We also had lots of family bonding time with homemade pizza my sister whipped up, which was gourmet status; with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese-- absolutely delicious!

Also, it excitingly was my grandmother's 80th birthday, so we of course celebrated with a  BIG turkey dinner. She now suffers from Alzheimers, but remains strong. She used to be the most amazing cook & always enjoyed her home-cooked meals. She has such a sweet & kind tender heart. We love you Nanny & so thankful that you could be such an incredible role model to us.

After the party, we still had to pack her stuff up & only having 2 days to do so, lets just say we had some very late nights. Also, her focus was having some air filter problems & because of the holiday couldn't get fixed in time, so a perk about having a father, an owner of a car lot, she was gifted with a new vehicle, a Suburu, which will be perfect & an even better option for the East Coast, especially in winter with AWD. We managed to still jam-pack her new larger car full, even got her bicycle in there.  This was definitely the hardest part, sending her off, we were all in tears, yet so excited for her journey! Which she arrived safely after 4 days of traveling & already found her new place. 

I certianly had an eventful trip & definitely miss San Diego-- but thankful for all of my friends & family who made this such a sweet & joyful trip, and continue to keep my in your thoughts. Its always such a blessing to catch up & see where God is leading everyone-- His plan is far more abundant than we can even imagine.

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  1. What a great re-cap of the prep stuff! Love Nannys 80th birthday celebration too. So thankful to have you as a sis and for all your help, thank you!


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