About Me

         Welcome to the Nava Nest! This blog is home to all things MRS. Orginally for purposes to document my journey as a newly wed, but that was almost four years ago. Now its just a tool to explore this adventurous life of marriage as I tackle cooking, DIY projects, nutrition and fitness, beauties of Jesus, and talk about our life.

        Just recently graduated with a bachelors in Spanish and trusting the Lord's hands to guide me into the next season and whatever it may hold. I love all things creative and hope to pursue more of it in the future. My husband is my best friend (cliche) as well as my twin sister. I love to read, I enjoy period piece movies and inspirational ones, and enjoy learning (when homework isn't involved).

           Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some of these posts helpful, fun, interesting, and encouraging. I enjoy comments, so feel free to leave some!

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