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Puntas Arenas Beach
A secluded beach covered in sea shells & incredible reefs for snorkeling. This trip in particular, a good friend from San Diego was visiting.

Local Hike
Just a small mountain near our house we sometimes hike, but actually where my husband often rides his downhill bike. Plus this post includes our sushi making date :)

Balandra Beach
This beach is pure paradise, there is nothing like it! And also a wrap up of one of my sister's visits, including our homemade pizza extravaganza among other things.

Coramuel Beach
This is the local beach in La Paz, absolutely beautiful, equipped with Palapas, concert stage, food booths, and even a free water slide park into the ocean! This post in particular has a few other spots we hit up while my sister and a friend were down visiting us.
Luxury Movies & El Rincon:
We often go to a movie as tickets are incredibly cheap, but Mexico also offers El Platino-- the luxury reclined seats and waiters for food services. And El Rincon is serves authentic Mexican cuisine, which is one of our favorites places, we are sure to take all our guests here or make it our Sunday Lunch outing.

El Triunfo
This is a small neigboring town that use to be a mine, but now has become more of a toursit spot. But here we also tried the BEST pizza ever!

Cinco de Mayo @ the Races:
This celebration is not very hyped-up here in Mexico and we didnt really do anything in honor of it, the Dos Mares 500 Race just happened to land on it. Check out our photos.

My husband and I try to go on a date once a week to spend some quality time together, we stumbled across this incredibly rustic, but mouthwatering burger joint, and are always craving for more :) Plus some photos of our afternoon walk along the Malecon.

Our First Anniversary
May 20th is our Wedding Anniversary and we had such a relaxing and lovely day sharing our cherished memories over the past year, and looking forward to the many more. We celebrated this special day in a variety of ways, most importantly with quality time.

My Sister's Wedding Day
Here is a re-cap of the week leading up to my older sister and fiance's Big Day! It was a perfect and breathtaking wedding, we all had such a lovely time celebrating with them.

Weekend Getaway: Cabo San Lucas
We were so blessed by some friends to gift us with such a sweet gift of a little vacation to Cabo. We couldn't have enjoyed it more, beautiful weather, luxury hotel, and fun memories!

Wrap-Up w/ Beloved Guests
Our very dear friends came out for a visit and we had such a lovely time-- relaxing by the beachers, eating our hearts out, and long walks along the malecon, my most cherished memories are the encouraging fellwoship we shared.

Summer Date: Tortas & Raspados
It's definitely summer time here in La Paz and we sure are feeling it. So nothing like cooling down with a Mexican version of a snow cone, which might I add are much better than any I've ever had. And also a lunch time treat, a torta de pierna which is basically a ham sandwich, but way more delicious :)

Samie's Visit: Part 1
Twin sister came down for a visit riding down the Baja coast with my husband. After all the rain we have been having there are beautiful landscape scenes & a re-cap of all our activities.

Samie's Visit: Part 2
Second part of Samie's trip to La Paz, we attempted Paddle Boarding and it was a ton of fun! Also lots of pictures of our other activities we did, mostly eating the rico food of Mexico ;)

Re-cap of the Baja 1000
The Baja 1000 is a grueling 1,121 mile off-road race that takes place on Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. It allows several types of vehicle to compete a challenging course as fast as possible. The race begins in Ensenada, Mexico all the way to our hometown La Paz.
This was my first experience of the Baja 1000 & I have to admit, it was a ton of fun & offered a lot of excitement. 

Family Visit + Thanksgiving
I was over-joyed to have my family come visit for Thanksgiving. We did so many things and just truly was so blessed to see them & show my Dad the city of La Paz. We took a tour of a nearby island & swam with the sea lions, went kayaking, and ate our hearts out.

Beloved Trip to Cabo
Our pastor from SD & his wife along with another couple & friends of ours took a small vacation to Cabo San Lucas, so we excitingly took drove to visit with them & enjoy a sweet time of fellowship.

My Birthday: 12.12.12
This post is all about my birthday celebration of turning 23! I hosted a sushi making party & had a lovely relaxed day with my husband, enjoying all the things I love. :)

Our Christmas 2012
This was our 2nd Christmas together, but our first year decorating & hosting a dinner. This post re-caps our holiday season & what we did for Jesus' birthday.

La Paz Carnaval 2013
Every February, La Paz hosts the annual Carnaval where there is an abundance of delicious food, excitement, and fun.

Lunch Date: Los Tamarindos Garden Restaurant
We always like trying new places to get some grub, but this place impressed us-- delicious food, cultural entertainment, & beautiful ambiance! We absolutely loved it!

Celebrating Sam's (hubby) 25th Birthday:
Even though the husband isn't a big fan of celebrating birthdays, I sure am & wanted to go all our to celebrate him being a quarter of a century-- we had a fabulous day full of FOOD of course. His theme song,"forever young" ;)

Spring break Getaway in Cabo:
One perk about being a teacher & living in La Paz, is you also get to enjoy the vacation time off & a quick drive to Cabo San Lucas. So we took the opportunity for a nice little getaway for a few days.

Tailhunter Restaurant: 
One of our favorite restuarunts here in La Paz as the food ALWAYS hits the spot & has such a variety of dishes, LOVE everything about it, & we also leave so stuffed. The service is always great, quick, & caters to our wants. Plus, the view is absolutely breath-taking. we headed here for a celebratory dinner for Samie, way to go sis!

Samie's Visit: 
Well, Samie came & went, spending just a little over 3 weeks with us. Although it is a lengthy bit of time, it all seemed to pass by too fast, yet it indeed was full of lots of excitement! 

San Diego Trip + Grandma's 80th Birthday:
It had been just shy of a year since I last visited my hometown, San Diego, and it was indeed a very treasured trip. Also, it excitingly was my grandmother's 80th birthday, so we of course celebrated with a  BIG turkey dinner

Samie's Farewell & Graduation Party (+ recipes):
After much discipline, determination, hard-work, and perseverance, my twin sister, Samie graduated from UCSD. And now off to Johns Hopkins for graduate school, in hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a physician.

Monica & Mark's Summer Visit:
While this is only a mere re-cap of their second trip to La Paz, we sure enjoyed their company & explored the beautiful luxuries & culture of this city & neighboring ones.

Western Caribbean Cruise
To celebrate my recent graduation, the husband and I took an exciting vacation via cruise ship to explore the beauty and culture of the Western Caribbean. We loved it!

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