Beauties of Jesus

Lessons of a Newly-wed: Husband Worship
A friend asked if I would be a guest poster on her blog, asking to share about what I have learned so far moving to Mexico and being a wife... this gave me the push to create my own blog :)

Easter through Scripture: Part I  & Easter through scripture: Part II
These posts take you through the story of Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection through scripture, sharing His conquer of death and gift of life!

Easter DIY Round-up
Along with some DIY projects, this post offers some neat ideas to keep Jesus incorporated in the Easter celebration.

Meaning Behind St. Patrick's Day
Who knew that St. Patty's day wasn't just about wearing green, leprechauns, and Ireland-- its so much more.

What is Love?
 A few eye-opening inserts from a book I'm reading, What Did you Expect?? by Paul David Tripp.

Jesus shed His blood...
Another really sweet passage from Paul David Tripp's book, What did you Expect?? to encourage, give hope, and remind us of the realities of Christ's own love for us.

The Nearness of God is our good.
A psalm that talks about the Good Life in a way that I believe we all struggle with and embracing what that Life really looks like, because being near to God, is our good! Also, attached is the link to an incredible sermon discussing this particular Psalm.

 Devotional from Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Looking at your own life, are you following Christ with a costly grace, or simply just believing, like a cheap grace? Be thankful for the costly grace that Christ so generously laid down His life for us sinners, in which that we may become disciples of God.

Devotional from Dietrich Bonhoeffer #2
Being a disciple of the Lord is not only believing in Jesus, but following Him. We have to trust that  along our journey even when we don't understand or know where we are headed, that God surely goes before us and is with us, following Him with complete joy.

Devotional from Dietrich Bonhoeffer #3
Looking at what cheap grace is an understanding to live in a costly grace and what that means, but more  profoundly to the freedom to live and reflect the sweet beauty of Jesus Christ.

In honor of November--Thanksgiving month-- I have decided to list what I am grateful for each day in groups of 5. Looking forward to a change of heart and attitude  as I focus on thanksgiving and to see the most in every moment, being reminded of God's many incredible blessings, rather than miss out because of my own blindness and selfishness.

Story About Saint Nick + Jesus' Birth

In remembrance of my Mother
This post is a tribute to her, to honor her life, & to celebrate her precious time here on this temporary place as she now is made WHOLE in heaven. 

Today, we celebrate two incredible years of marriage.

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